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Unformatted text preview: ship that depend on the possibility of constitutive projects and attachments. And to see ourselves as given to commitments such as these is to admit a deeper commonality than benevolence describes, a commonality of shared self-understanding as well as the 'enlarged affections'. As the independent self finds its limits in those aims and attachments from which it cannot stand apart, so justice finds its limits in the forms of community that engage the identity as well as the interests of the participants. CLAIMS OF MORAL SUPERIORITY ARE POLITICAL ARROGANCE Rami G. Khouri, journalist from Jordan, MIDEAST MIRROR, June 22, 1993, p. np. It is irksome, however, to find the North/West once again pontificating to the rest of the world about the importance of applying their definition of human rights as a universal standard. This was succinctly articulated by U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher, who told the Vienna gathering: "We cannot let cultural relativism become the last refuge of repression." This may be a good sound bite and headline quote, but its lousy politics and faulty reasoning in other words, just about what we would expect from the United States on the human rights issue at this stage of the evolving global situation. Its lousy and faulty because it denies the vitality of the struggle for human rights in much of the developing world, it ignores the fact that the United States and its European sidekicks have supported and are still supporting most of the developing countries that are seen as lagging in human rights and it betrays cultural presumptuousness and political arrogance that can only sour the human rights debate rather than move it forward on the path of success we all seek. Our reply to Mr. Christopher is that we cannot let human rights become the latest transnational camouflage for the Wests neocolonial exploitation, hypocritical diplomatic expediency and cultural pomposity. SLHS Value File Moral Complicity Bad FAILING TO ACT TO STOP A BAD CONSEQUENCE IS MORALLY REPUGNANT (DROWNING KID) John Arthur, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University...
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