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And then the question will arise again in the

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Unformatted text preview: ation or form of worship as the individual may choose cannot be restricted by law. On the other hand, it safeguards the free exercise of the chosen form of religion. Thus the Amendment embraces two concepts, -- freedom to believe and freedom to act. The first is absolute but, in the nature of things, the second cannot be." SLHS Value File Freedom (political) Bad MERE POLITICAL FREEDOM IS NOT ENOUGH C. J. Arthur, Editor, THE GERMAN IDEOLOGY, 1991, p. 7. Political emancipation Marx characterizes as the transformation of affairs of State from the private affairs of a ruler and his servants, separated from the people, into public affairs, matters of general concern to every citizen. However, this attempt to establish "fraternity" of citizens fails because of the peculiar nature of a merely political struggle. 3. POLITICAL FREEDOM LEAVES NON-POLITICAL SOURCES OF OPPRESSION INTACT CJ Arthur, Editor, THE GERMAN IDEOLOGY, 1991, p. 8. We see therefore that a partial, merely political, emancipation, leaves intact the world of private interest, of domination and subordination, exploitation and competition, because the State establishes its universality, and the citizens their communality, only by abstracting away all the real differences and interests that separate the members of civil society and set them against one another. SLHS Value File Genocide, Obligation to Stop CAN'T ALLOW MORE "RWANDAS" TO HAPPEN Gareth Evans and Mohamed Sahnoun, co-chairs of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS), 2002. "The Responsibility to Protect", Foreign Affairs, p. 99. It is only a matter of time before reports emerge again from somewhere of massacres, mass starvation, rape, and ethnic cleansing. And then the question will arise again in the Security Council, in political capitals, and in the media: What do we do? This time around the international community must have the answers.1 Few things have done more harm to its shared ideal that people are all equal in worth and dignity than the inabili...
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