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As societies emerged into chiefdoms and states more

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Unformatted text preview: ture) of stable and predictable relations that emerges as an unintended consequence of the regular, rule-governed behavior of the individual elements forming it. An example of a spontaneous ordering process in the physical realm may help us understand how such forces function in the social realm. To induce the formation of a crystal, one must create the conditions in which the individual elements will arrange themselves so that the overall structure of a crystal will emerge. One cannot deliberately arrange the several elements to produce the desired formation. In the appropriate conditions, however, each rule-governed element, adapting itself to its initial position and particular circumstances, will arrange itself in a way consistent with the formation of the relatively more complex structure. Hayek sees liberal society as such a spontaneous order. SLHS Value File Individualism Bad Failure to cooperate is dooming all of humanity Peter A. Zuckerman; President, Human Progress Network, HUMAN PROGRESS NETWORK HOMEPAGE, 2003,, downloaded July 23, 2003, As we begin the 21st century, the dangers to human survival multiply. A rapidly growing world population is afflicted in many countries with a harmful way of thinking. An emotional mindset, which is conducive to enmity against different clans, tribes, nations, ethnic groups, religions and others is reinforced by logical inventions of technologies. Thus, authoritarian leadership can use communications and military technologies to gain and stay in power, frequently by waging war against domestic opposition or neighboring countries. Religious fundamentalists are using electronic communications to spread their message of hate. Even in democratic countries many politicians use racial or religious appeals in their election campaigns. This fatal human weakness explains the negative conditions of many societies and nations. Individual selfishness is responsible for killing and warfare Peter A...
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