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At a minimum large scale and systematic violations of

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Unformatted text preview: g solely because one country was more powerful than its neighbors, an international community formed for the benefit of all countries. Countries no longer had to worry about random interventions and could expect peace with their neighboring countries. Contemporaneously, countries adopted the view that the domestic affairs of their citizens were not the concern of any other nation. RESPECTING STATE SOVEREIGNTY BETTER PROTECTS THE RIGHTS OF CITIZENS, STATES AND KEEPS THE PEACE Jianming Shen. Visiting Professor of Law, St. John's University School of Law, 2000. Brooklyn Journal of International Law. The fundamental interests of a State do not necessarily contradict with those of its citizens. The preservation of and respect for State sovereignty can, in fact, better realize and protect the fundamental interests and rights of individuals within the domestic legal order. A jungle-like international system under which one State could freely interfere with the affairs of another in the name of human rights protection would tend to result in the very denial of the fundamental interests and rights of weaker States and their people. As Qin Huasun, the former Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations points out, sovereignty is the last "defense screen" of small and weak countries against foreign bullying, and there would be no peace if that screen were broken. MORAL JUSTIFICATIONS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS ARE INVALID ESPECIALLY IN THE FACE OF SOVEREIGN RIGHTS Priyankar Upadhyaya Fulbright Visiting Professor in the Political Science Department at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado "Human Security, Humanitarian Intervention, and Third World Concerns" Denver Journal of International Law and Policy Winter, 2004 p 89 As privileged positions, statuses, power base and ideologically narrow and culturally -specific meanings [of human security] come under threat by the challenge of other preferred meanings, strong defences can be expected to be mounted. Indeed those who claim "high moral ground' in these ideological debates well be in the end fight against any mea...
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