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But because civil disobedience did evolve the

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Unformatted text preview: legacy of 140 years of social protest, should have no place in constitutional theory just because it is illegal, represents an unthinking preference for the forms of law over the value of a rich political life with which the law, and the First Amendment in particular, should be concerned. No one can prove that civil disobedience has filled an important political need in American history. But because civil disobedience did evolve, the assumption that it did fulfill such a need is a plausible one. Certainly that assumption is more plausible than its alternative -that we could now dispense with civil disobedience without weakening our politics. SLHS Value File CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS EFFECTIVE IN CHANGING LAWS AND PROTECTING LIBERTIES John Cartwright and Susan Thistlethwaite, professor of ethics at Boston University and president of Chicago theological seminary, JUST PEACEMAKING: TEN PRACTICES FOR ABOLISHING WAR, 1998, p. 40. Civil disobedience has been practiced by pacifists and by individuals devoted to such causes as prohibition and women's suffrage. It also has been widely employed worldwide by oppressed groups that want to emulate the success of Gandhi and King. The tactic is often effective in changing laws and protecting liberties. Resistance to war and military preparations is a frequent reason for civil disobedience. It can take the form of refusal to serve in the armed forces (conscientious objection) or unlawful demonstrations such as those aimed at nuclear armament and the Vietnam War. Civil disobedience has been shown to be a powerful political force when people have sought to liberate themselves from foreign domination within their own countries. In such cases, civil disobedience, when combined with mass withdrawal of cooperation in the form of strikes, boycotts, mass demonstrations, and the like, holds great promise of effectiveness. CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS KEY TO EXPOSING THOSE IN CONTROL TO TRUE REPRESSION Osha Neumann, attorney in private practice in Berkeley, CA, CULTURAL POLITICS AND SOCIAL MOVEMENTS, 1995, p. 71. The key tactic for incorporating the experience...
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