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But by the dawn of the twentieth century the balance

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Unformatted text preview: . Zuckerman; President, Human Progress Network, HUMAN PROGRESS NETWORK HOMEPAGE, 2003,, downloaded July 23, 2003, But frequently the institutions of humankind are controlled by men and women more interested in power and domination than in advancing human survival and progress. These traits then transform many countries into harmful entities. Centralized decision making leadership facilitates the keeping of power. The establishment of powerful military forces is supported by modern technology able to develop affordable weapons of high killing power. Such institutions as secret police, supported by the military, can easily control populations and suppress dissent. The leadership of political institutions can use ideologies and other motivations to threaten and even attack other states, if motivated by their quest for power. Thus the emergence of organized warfare paralleled the development of human societies. As societies emerged into chiefdoms and states, more violence-prone males became available for combat. Economic specialization provided the means to support standing armies. The development of increasingly sophisticated tools for killing -- weapons -- made the military forces more decisive. The powerholders of the more powerful states find it rewarding to threaten attack and even conquer their neighbors. To defend against these threats, even relatively peaceful nations need to maintain armed forces, with the resulting wasteful military expenditures. INDIVIDUAL INTERESTS CAUSE A BREAKDOWN IN GOVERNMENT ALLOCATION Leon Felkins and Mack Tanner, "The Common Good and the Voter's Paradox," IDEAS MAGAZINE, August 1992,, downloaded July 23, 2003 The elderly want more social security and medical benefits, the trucker better roads, the farmer crop subsidies, the investor bank guarantees, and the politician every single benefit that will result in more votes for him at election time. The inevitable result is that the government never spends th...
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