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But retrenchment in any of its guises must be avoided

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Unformatted text preview: y (which is the only freedom that the philosophical anarchist acknowledges), it would follow that such liberty cannot exist for men living in states and under government. However, it also follows that if such liberty were to be exercised without the restraints of justice, some individuals might enjoy unlimited freedom to the maximum, but in doing so they would encroach upon, limit, or reduce the freedom of others to do exactly as they pleased. In other words, unlimited freedom -- freedom unrestrained by justice -cannot be maximized for all. SLHS Value File Heg American primacy is vital to accessing every major impact--the only threat to world peace is if we allow it to collapse Thayer, 6 - professor of security studies at Missouri State (Bradley, The National Interest, "In Defense of Primacy", November/December, p. 32-37) A grand strategy based on American primacy means ensuring the United States stays the world's number one power-the diplomatic, economic and military leader. Those arguing against primacy claim that the United States should retrench, either because the United States lacks the power to maintain its primacy and should withdraw from its global commitments, or because the maintenance of primacy will lead the United States into the trap of "imperial overstretch." In the previous issue of The National Interest, Christopher Layne warned of these dangers of primacy and called for retrenchment.1 Those arguing for a grand strategy of retrenchment are a diverse lot. They include isolationists, who want no foreign military commitments; selective engagers, who want U.S. military commitments to centers of economic might; and offshore balancers, who want a modified form of selective engagement that would have the United States abandon its landpower presence abroad in favor of relying on airpower and seapower to defend its interests. But retrenchment , in any of its guises, must be avoided. If the United States adopted such a strategy, it would be a profound strategic mistake that would lead to far greater i...
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