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Cultural meanings are subjective western development

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Unformatted text preview: to bearers of superstitions. SLHS Value File The affirmative's Western "help" only gives the West more power to crush cultures Marianne Gronemeyer, German university teacher, The Development Dictionary, p. 53, 1993 The yoking together of help and threat is contrary to common sense, however, only because, despite manifold historical instances to the contrary, the welcome ring of the idea of helping has survived in the consciousness of ordinary people. Help thus appears to them as innocent as ever, although it has long since changed its colours and become an instrument of the perfect - that is, elegant - exercise of power. The defining characteristic of elegant power is that it is unrecognizable, concealed, supremely inconspicuous. Power is truly elegant when, captivated by the delusion of freedom, those subject to it stubbornly deny its existence. `Help', as will be shown, is very similar. It is a means of keeping the bit in the mouths of subordinates without letting them feel the power that is guiding them. In short, elegant power does not force, it does not resort either to the cudgel or to chains; it helps. Imperceptibly the state monopoly on violence transforms itself, along the path of increasing conspicuousness, into a state monopoly on solicitude, whereby it becomes, not less powerful, but more comprehensively powerful. Development is a violent colonization that robs cultures of their social lives Gustavo Esteva, former chair of ANADEGES, The Development Dictionary, p.9, 1993 When the metaphor returned to the vernacular, it acquired a violent colonizing power, soon employed by the politicians. It converted history into a programme: a necessity and inevitable destiny. The industrial mode of production, which was no more than one, among many, forms of social life, became the definition of the terminal stage of a unilinear way of social evolution. This stage came to be seen as the natural culmination of the potentials already existing in Neolithic man, as his logical evolution. Thus, history was reformulated in Western terms. The metaphor development gave global hegemony to a purely Western genealogy of history, ro...
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