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Democracy prevents nuclear war nathan sharansky

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Unformatted text preview: ak of the method of political democracy as valuable in itself regardless of results which it produces. SLHS Value File DEMOCRACY BALANCES COMPETING INTERESTS, LIKE BETWEEN INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND PUBLIC GOODS Robert Kuttner, Rescuing democracy from speech 1998 There are similar democratic tensions between personal freedom and public order and between individual rights and public purposes. Whenever private income is taxed to buy collective goods, or private property is taken for public uses, the common good makes a claim on the individual sphere. Whenever police power is used to assure order, individual rights are at risk. Both the Congress and the courts endeavor to balance these objectives, each a kind of first principle but none a summum bonum. So democracy is an imperfect and ever-shifting balance between competing ideals. DEMOCRACY PREVENTS NUCLEAR WAR Nathan Sharansky, Israel's Minister for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs and former Soviet dissident, 2004. THE CASE FOR DEMOCRACY, p. 88. Now we can see why nondemocratic regimes imperil the security of the world. They stay in power by controlling their populations. This control invariably requires an increasing amount of repression. To justify this repression and maintain internal stability, external enemies must be manufactured. The result is that while the mechanics of democracy make democracies inherently peaceful, the mechanics of tyranny make nondemocracies inherently belligerent. Indeed, in order to avoid collapsing from within, fear societies must maintain a perpetual state of conflict. Nondemocratic societies have always been powder kegs ready to explode, but today the force of that explosion can be far more lethal than it was in the past. In an age of weapons of mass destruction and global terrorism, the dangers of ignoring the absence of democracy in any part of the world have increased dramatically. For a half century, the totalitarian regime in Pyongyang has threatened the security of South Korea. Once it developed long-range missil...
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