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In a foot race crossing the finish line is what

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Unformatted text preview: , p. 483. More fundamentally, because military action itself inherently involves serious violations of human rights, n294 humanitarian intervention must be a last resort, and constrained always by the traditional principles of necessity and proportionality. Humanitarian intervention is too often equated with military invasion n295 - a tendency that the dramatic U.N. actions described above has reinforced. Whenever feasible, n296 negotiation, Security Council resolutions demanding State acquiescence in international assistance efforts, economic sanctions, and threats of further action should be required before armed intervention is considered lawful. "HUMANITARIAN" INTERVENTIONS IS POSTCOLONIAL CONTROL Priyankar Upadhyaya Fulbright Visiting Professor in the Political Science Department at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado "Human Security, Humanitarian Intervention, and Third World Concerns" Denver Journal of International Law and Policy Winter, 2004 p. 85 The increasing use of humanitarian grounds for intervention has expectedly raised apprehensions in the postcolonial states of the Third World, including countries like China, India, and Malaysia. This has much to do with their experience with the colonial interventions. As remarks Johan Galtung " ... the tradition of interventionism has a bad name, reminiscent of the punitive expeditions by colonial powers in general, and the UK in particular, to punish the colonized and protect the settlers, and of numerous US military interventions (Iraq is No. 69 after the Second World War) to exercise control." The resistance to any alteration in the norms of non-intervention was manifest in strong reactions from Asian countries to the humanitarian intervention in East Timor. According to some Third World analysts the idea of humanitarian intervention discriminating as it applies only on the powerless third world countries ventilating these third world sentiments, M.V.Naidu observes: SLHS Value File Meritocracy Bad Meritocracy is a myth used to oppress mino...
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