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Unformatted text preview: hat equality is less desirable than personal liberty, or at least that liberty and equality are somewhat mutually exclusive. For example, the regulation of the economy and social life which would be required to bring about equality of condition or equality or outcome would limit certain personal freedoms and conflict with a strong doctrine of liberty. SLHS Value File Equality of Opportunity ECONOMIC JUSTICE REQUIRES EQUAL OPPORTUNITY Peter D. McLelland, Cornell University, THE AMERICAN SEARCH FOR ECONOMIC JUSTICE, 1990 p. 295. The same may not be true for improving fairness at the starting line. The master priority remains equality of opportunity--a priority encountered whether discussion begins with trying to identify requisite freedom or requisite equality at the starting line. If the question is how to insure the freedom of would-be participants in the economic race, pursuit of the answer will quickly lead to questions of "freedom to," namely how to assure that all who reach the starting line have "the power or means to compete." Without that power or those means, the opportunity to compete is minimal, and that is the fundamental opportunity at stakes in the phrase "equality of opportunity." SLHS Value File Equality of Opportunity Bad EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY WILL INCREASE INEQUALITY John Schaar, UC Santa Cruz Professor of Political Science, EQUALITY: SELECTED READINGS, 1997, p. 138. Secondly, it is clear that the equal-opportunity policy will increase the inequalities among men. In previous ages, when opportunities were restricted to those of the right birth and station, it is highly probable, given the fact that nature seems to delight in distributing many traits in the pattern of a normal distribution, and given the phenomenon of regression toward the mean, that many of those who enjoyed abundant opportunities to develop their talents actually lacked the native ability to benefit from their advantages. EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY IS UNDEMOCRATIC John Schaar, UC Santa Cruz Professor of Political Science, EQUALITY: SELECTED READINGS, 1997, p...
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