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Indeed as already suggested authority has its being

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Unformatted text preview: omen's sphere of activities. In war, gang-rape of conquered women also is a way in which males send messages to other males. The impotence of the conquered male is manifest in his inability to protect "his women" from rape by other males. SLHS Value File Shunning Bad (not helping enemy) WITHHOLDING AID TO `THE ENEMY' IN A WAR ZONE IS MORALLY INDEFENSIBLE RIGHTS ARE INALIENABLE NO MATTER WHAT SIDE THE AID RECIPIENT IS ON Nicholas Stockton, Oxfam Analyst, 1998. In Defense of Humanitarianism, p. 354-355. Second, withholding humanitarian assistance on the grounds that those in need may be criminals is like suggesting that the ambulance service should conduct triage on the basis of alleged criminality rather than upon the clinical urgency of each case. This is the arbitrary application of punishment before trial and it constitutes cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment on a massive scale. Such treatment is arguably a crime against humanity as the right to life applies to all people. This right is non-derogable and cannot be legally removed as an act of capricious vengeance. Third, rights are indivisible and inalienable. The withholding of humanitarian aid as a substitute for judicial action is ethically and morally indefensible. BEING SELECTIVE ABOUT WHO RECEIVES AID IS MORALLY UNTENABLE AND BOLSTERS A CULTURE OF IMPUNITY Nicholas Stockton, Oxfam Analyst, 1998. In Defense of Humanitarianism, p. 355. The concept of the `undeserving victim' is therefore morally and ethically untenable, and practically counter-productive. It represents an outright rejection of the principles of humanity, impartiality and universalism, fundamental tenets of human rights and humanitarian principles. When operationalised, the evidence from the Great Lakes and elsewhere is that the abandonment of humanitarian principles in fact reinforces the culture of impunity -- it does not, as many had naively predicted, eradicate it. SLHS Value File Social Contract Social Contract must be enforced for freedom Elizabeth J. Cabraser...
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