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It accounts for half of the difference in educational

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Unformatted text preview: COURSE, 1987, p. 169 Inferiority is not banal or incidental even when it happens to women. It is not a petty affliction like bad skin or circles under the eyes. It is not a superficial flaw in an otherwise perfect picture. It is not a minor irritation, nor is it a trivial inconvenience, as occasional aggravation, or a regrettable but (frankly) harmless lapse in manners. It is not a "point of view" that some people with soft skins find "offensive." It is the deep and destructive devaluing of a person in life, a shredding of dignity and self-respect, an imposed exile from human worth and human recognition, the forced alienation of a person from even the possibility of wholeness or internal integrity. Inferiority puts rightful self-love beyond reach, a dream fragmented by insult into a perpetually recurring nightmare; inferiority creates a person broken and humiliated inside. The fragments scattered pieces and sharp slivers of someone who can never be made whole are then taken to be the standard of what is normal in her kind: women are like that. SLHS Value File Oppressed, View of ON BALANCE, THE VIEW OF THE OPPRESSED IS MORE REALISTIC Alison Jagger, Department of Philosophy, University of Colorado, FEMINIST POLITICS AND HUMAN NATURE, 1988, p. 370. Because their class position insulates them from the suffering of the oppression, many members of the ruling class are likely to be convinced by their own ideology: either they fail to perceive the suffering of the oppressed or they believe that it is freely chosen, deserved or inevitable. They experience the current organization of society as basically satisfactory and so they accept the interpretation of reality that justifies that system of organization. They encounter little in their daily lives that conflicts with that interpretation. Oppressed groups, by contrast, suffer directly from the system that oppresses them. Sometimes the ruling ideology succeeds in duping them into partial denial of their pain or into accepting it tempora...
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