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It is in the national struggle against the oppressor

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Unformatted text preview: onization, the native's reason is appealed to. He is offered definite values, he is told frequently that decolonization need not mean regression, and that he must put his trust in qualities which are well-tried, solid, and highly esteemed. But it so happens that when the native hears a speech about Western culture he pulls out his knife-or at least he makes sure it is within reach. The violence with which the supremacy of white values is affirmed and the aggressiveness which has permeated the victory of these values over the ways of life and of thought of the native mean that, in revenge, the native laughs in mockery when Western values are mentioned in front of him. In the colonial context the settler only ends his work of breaking in the native when the latter admits loudly and intelligibly the supremacy of the white man's values. In the period of decolonization, the colonized masses mock at these very values, insult them, and vomit them up. Fighting colonialism is a fight against evil itself and equivalent to the fighting off of Nazi Germany Frantz Fanon, 1964, postcolonial psychologist, Toward the African Revolution, p.171 A large part of humanity has recently trembled to the very depth of its being before the breaking loose of an ideology, Nazism, which revived the methods of torture and genocide of the remotest times. The countries against which the manifestations of Nazism were most immediately directed leagued together and pledged themselves not only to liberate their occupied territories but literally to break the backbone of Nazism, to root out the evil where it had sprung up, to liquidate the regimes to which it had given rise. Well! The African peoples must likewise remember that they have had to face a form of Nazism, a form of exploitation of man, of physical and spiritual liquidation clearly imposed, that the French, English, and South African manifestations of that evil need to engage their attention, but they must be prepared ,also to face this evil as an evil extending over the whole of the African territory. Each setback for colonial domination fuels a new wave...
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