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It is in this very concrete sense that the judgment

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Unformatted text preview: PONSIBILITY TO PROTECT MUST BECOME INTERNATIONAL NORM Gareth Evans and Mohamed Sahnoun, co-chairs of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS), 2002. "The Responsibility to Protect", Foreign Affairs, p. 99. It is the responsibility of the whole international community to ensure that when the next case of threatened mass killing or ethnic cleansing invariably comes along, the mistakes of the 1990s will not be repeated. A good place to start would be agreement by the Security Council, at least informally, to systematically apply the principles set out here to any such case. So too would be a declaratory UN General Assembly resolution giving weight to those principles and to the whole idea of the "responsibility to protect" as an emerging international norm. There is a developing consensus around the idea that sovereignty must be qualified by the responsibility to protect. But until there is general acceptance of the practical commitments this involves, more tragedies such as Rwanda will be all too likely. SLHS Value File Harm Principle JUSTICE IS A SELF-LIMITATION ON MY FREEDOM FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS Emmanuel Levinas, French-Lithuanian ethical philosopher, TOTALITY AND INFINITY, 1988, p. 100-101. If we call a situation in which my freedom is called into question conscience, association or the welcoming of the Other is conscience. The originality of this situation does not only lie in the formal antithesis it represents with regard to the cognitive consciousness. The calling in question of oneself is all the more severe the more rigorously the self is in control of itself. This receding of the goal in the very measure one approaches it is the life of conscience. The increase of my exigencies with regard to myself aggravates the judgment that is borne upon me, increases my responsibility. It is in this very concrete sense that the judgment that is borne upon me is never assumed by me. The inability to assume is the very life, the es...
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