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It makes them see their past as one wasteland of

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Unformatted text preview: al. Locked into such a reification, no act of the sheep against the wolves can ever be seen as violent in its own right, because active sheep are so inherently uncharacteristic, so brave, so irresistibly and triumphantly parabolic. Thus, when prosecutor Gregory Waples cast Goetz as a "hunter" in his final summation, juror Michael Axelrod said that Waples "was insulting my intelligence. There was nothing to justify that sort of [characterization]. Goetz wasn't a hunter." Furthermore, most white people do not seem to feel as criminal the dehumanizing cultural images of sterile, mindless white womanhood and expressionless, bored but righteous, assembly line white manhood... If Americans [we]are subject to such utter emotional devastation, it is no wonder that the urge to act as a victimizer is so irresistible; it appears to be the only right thing, the only defensible thing to do. It is no wonder that society has created in blacks a class of ready-made, prepackaged victims. To discount as much violence as we do in this society must mean that we have a very angry population suppressing explosive rage. Most white Americans, at least those in urban areas, have seen the angry, muttering "lunatic" black person who beats the air with his fists and curses aloud. Most people cross the street to avoid him; they don't choose him to satisfy their need to know the time of day. Yet for generations, and particularly in the wake of the foaming public response to incidents like Howard Beach, the Goetz shooting, and Forsythe County, that is precisely how white America has looked to many black Americans. For these reasons, I think we need to elevate what I call spirit-murder to the conceptual, if not punitive level of a capital moral offense. We need to see it[this] as a cultural cancer; we need to open our eyes to the spiritual genocide it is wreaking on blacks, whites, and the abandoned and abused of all races and ages. We need to eradicate its numbing pathology before it wipes out what precious little humanity we have left. SLHS Value File Imperialism Bad Imperialist teachings murder the s...
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