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It must take place naturally so to speak through the

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Unformatted text preview: n Americans will be so thoroughly dispersed throughout White America that no trace of them as a people will remain. Race will have no meaning and all concerned will be color-blind. This was the liberal plan. It was not unlike President Lincoln's vision of the dispersal and colonization of the freed slaves. Conservatives do not oppose this but maintain that the process must not be accelerated by the government with affirmative action. It must take place naturally, so to speak, through the marketplace, even if it takes much longer. Here, one suspects that the objective is to hold the African American nation in color-blind limbo forever. Both the liberal and the conservative plans employ color blindness to oppress the African American nation-the liberal to dissolve it, the conservative to maintain it as an oppressed nation. Part of the liberal crisis arises now from the fact that it appears that the African American race cannot be dissolved. SLHS Value File RACIAL IDENTIFICATION IS AMBIGOUS, SUBJECTIVE AND UNFAIR Peter Kirsanow, member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Guest Comment, NATIONAL REVIEW, 28 July 2003, pnp. Who gets a preference? Yes, we know that the Supreme Court permits selective colleges to award a "plus" to black, Hispanic, and Native-American applicants. But just who, exactly, qualifies as black, Hispanic, or Native American? Absurd Supreme Court decisions can produce seemingly absurd questions. But as silly as the above query sounds, it's one courts have wrestled with for much of our history, particularly during the Jim Crow era. Fortunately, those days are gone. But now the Grutter case has once again revived the distasteful relevance of racial identification. Colleges that award a plus to applicants from preferred minority groups confer a significant benefit - admission to an institution that can ease the pathways to success. Indeed, we're told by preference supporters that graduation from an elite school can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to one's income over the course of a lifetime. The competition...
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