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It produces social structures centered around fear

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Unformatted text preview: ssor in the Political Science Department at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado "Human Security, Humanitarian Intervention, and Third World Concerns" Denver Journal of International Law and Policy Winter, 2004 p 89 As privileged positions, statuses, power base and ideologically narrow and culturally -specific meanings [of human security] come under threat by the challenge of other preferred meanings, strong defences can be expected to be mounted. Indeed those who claim "high moral ground' in these ideological debates well be in the end fight against any meaningful role by the United Nations, especially as those challenges touch on the issue of state sovereignty. SLHS Value File Human Worth We have an obligation to promote human worth and individuality Patricia Williams, Associate Professor of Law, The City University of New York Law School at Queens College, 42 U. Miami L. Rev. 127, 1987, p. 150. There are certain societies that define the limits of life and death very differently than our own. For example, death may occur long before the body ceases to function, and under the proper circumstances, life may continue for some time after the body is carried to its grave. These non-body-bound, uncompartmentalized ideas recognize the power of spirit, or what we in our secularized society might describe as the dynamism of self as reinterpreted by the perceptions of other. These ideas comprehend the fact that a part of ourselves is beyond the control of pure physical will and resides in the sanctuary of those around us. A fundamental part of ourselves and of our dignity is dependent upon the uncontrollable, powerful, external observers who constitute society. Surely a part of socialization ought to include a sense of caring responsibility for the images of others that are reposited within us. Taking the example of the man who was stabbed thirty-nine times out of the context of our compartmentalized legal system, and considering it in the hypothetical framework of a legal system that encompasses and recognizes morality, religion, and psychology, I am move...
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