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Its basic argument is that knowledge unites people

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Unformatted text preview: f the victim, the exceedingly limited alternatives, and the near certainty that all these factors exist when a gun is being held to the head of a hostage. At the least, it is easy to see that harm inflicted on a particular person because he poses an imminent threat has a very different justification than a tradeoff policy that treats all lives as fungible resources to be used wherever needed. SLHS Value File Marketplace of Ideas Media diversity is vital to democracy C. Edwin Baker, presenter in Communications Law Section of the AALS, FLORIDA LAW REVIEW, December 20 02, p. 917 Specifically, Curran envisions five media sectors, each organized on a somewhat different structural and financial basis, each with its own set of goals or functions, and each responsive to somewhat different incentives. This plurality may provide security in that neither government nor market corruption of the media is likely to be equally powerful within or equally damaging to all the organizational forms. Thus, this plurality of media structures supports the media's checking function. Moreover, this diversity is likely to enable the media to better perform its multiple democratic assignments. Curran's proposal relates to a final point about media ownership. The concerns with ownership relate, in the end, to whom has control over media content and how these people will use this power. That is, an ideal policy will be concerned with more issues than mere ownership concentration. Rules structuring control of decisionmaking within media entities respond to the same valuebased concerns. Which groups of people or which individuals, with relations to various wider societal groups, should exercise control is also important-as implicitly recognized by the former FCC policy favoring racial diversity in ownership. The general democratic goal is increased pluralism of sources and viewpoint as well as of content or subject categories. DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES ARE NECESSARY FOR DEMOCRACY Donald R. Simon, L.L.M. Candidate at the John Marshall School of Law "Big Media: Its Effect on the Marketplace of Ideas and How to Slow the Urge to Merge", The John M...
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