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Legal agency means having the legal status as a

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Unformatted text preview: tivity. Legal agency means having the legal status as a citizen necessary to protect one's civil rights. Political agency, perhaps the most difficult to identify, is the set of political beliefs and ideas that prompt an individual to act on behalf of his or her own interests in the public sphere. Again, Arendt's work on political action captures the idea suggested here -- the idea that political action is not just an addition to our daily lives, but something -which distinguishes us from animals and which is necessary for our happiness. To inculcate the idea that political action is a value in and of itself is a necessary step in the direction of a true democracy (Arendt, 1958) SLHS Value File AIDS AIDS FEEDS VIOLENCE AND SECURITY DILEMMAS THIS MULTIDIMENSIONAL SECURITY THREAT UNDERMINES PEACE J.M. Spectar, Professor of Political Science, University of Scranton, 2003. The Olde Order Crumbleth: HIV-Pestilence as a Security Issue & New Thinking about Core Concepts in International Affairs, p. 481. AIDS is a security threat at both the micro-level and the macro-level, imperiling the domestic situation as well as the peace and tranquility of international society. Due to the conterminous and mutually reinforcing symbiotic realities of HIVpestilence, violence and security dilemmas in Africa, n6 AIDS is a multidimensional security threat. The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the International Crisis Group (ICG) identified several important ways in which AIDS threatens security. The pandemic is concomitantly: (1) a personal security issue; (2) an economic security issue; (3) a community security issue; (4) a national security issue; and (5) an international security issue. The first three above are, taxonomically, human security issues, whereas the last two are the more traditional or conventional global security issues. While these threats are discussed separately, it should be noted that they are interrelated and mutually reinforcing. AIDS IS A SERIOUS HUMAN SECURITY T...
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