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M spectar professor of political science university

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Unformatted text preview: HREAT J.M. Spectar, Professor of Political Science, University of Scranton, 2003. The Olde Order Crumbleth: HIV-Pestilence as a Security Issue & New Thinking about Core Concepts in International Affairs, p. 484. There is growing recognition that AIDS constitutes a serious human security threat, precipitating severe personal, social, cultural, and economic dislocations that manifest themselves on the global level. As the world awakens to this catastrophe, it is becoming even more apparent that human security is an inextricable aspect of international security. Yet, the notion of human security is itself relatively new in mainstream international political and diplomatic discourse. Commentators such as Peter Stoett have put forth a conception of human security that includes "analyses of those contemporary insecurities which affect us all, as individuals and as part of a global ecosystem." SLHS Value File Altruism Bad ALTRUISM PUNNISHES SUCCESS Reza Mahmoodshahi, Undergraduate student of economics and government at Cornell University, The Impotence of Altruism: Raping Productivity, THE CORNELL REVIEW, 9/29/2002,, downloaded July 23, 2003. A careful examination consisting of (1) the economic application of efficiency and (2) the ascription of proper political definitions will, at the very least, leave a rational individual skeptical of the mass self sacrificial doctrine of altruism. Any definition of altruism must include the fundamental component of selflessness. Much of modern political doctrine explains that as upright citizens, each individual should subordinate his own self-interest to that of an arbitrary common good. The implications of such subordination have resulted in the legislation of welfare, affirmative action, progressive taxation, etc., in other words, the passage of legislations of sacrifice. Hand outs. Thankfully for those on the receiving end, the government's monopoly on coercion allows for the rape of some of society's most productive and gloriou...
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