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Mandel was particularly indignant at the death

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Unformatted text preview: ing amok: the threat of nuclear war, the danger of ecological disaster, the impoverishment of the Third World, and the threats to democracy in the metropolis. Mandel was particularly indignant at the death, because of hunger and curable diseases, of sixteen million children every year in Third World countries (according to UNICEF sources): `Every five years this silent massacre claims as many victims as World War II including the Holocaust and Hiroshima. This is the equivalent of several world wars against children since 1945: that is the price paid for capitalism's survival during this time.' Capitalism is Inherently Evil Haim Gordon, Ben-Gurton University Senior Lecturer In Education. Quicksand: Israel, the Intifada and the Rise of Politics Evil in Democracies, 1995 p81 To give just one brief example of such an eminently-regarded contemporary sociologist, consider Peter L. Berger and his article "The Serendipity of Liberties."9 In this article, liberty or freedom, as Berger describes it, is not a matter of a way of life, such as emerged in the Greek polis, or which was expressed, say, in Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address." No, for Berger, liberty is merely a possible outcome of the functioning of a regime in which capitalism is given free rein. Hence, the serendipity of liberties. Peter Berger is clever. He never mentions that fascism can also be a possible outcome of a regime in which capitalism is given free rein. He seems to have forgotten about Benito Musssolini, or about Nazism, or about contemporary Indonesia and Singapore, or about apartheid. He does not mention the rise of a plundering neo-colonialism and its accompanying evil in the Southern Hemisphere, through the aggressive approaches of the mega-corporations, and with the support of the United States and other Western governments. Nor does he consider the evil inherent in capitalism as a regime which is built on greed and which also, through the structures that it constructs, exploits laborers, alienates persons, rapaciously destroys the environment, and establishes consumerism and the pursuit of mon...
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