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More unites than separates voices like josef

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Unformatted text preview: certain result, but simply to allow the interaction between the "supply and demand of ideas" to operate. Because the model cannot guarantee the result to be the triumph of the truth at all times, all it can do is guarantee there will be a space for a "wide open and robust" exchange of ideas and debate. n9 This view leads to the conclusion that the constitutional guarantee is a "structural" one, designed to protect the "process" by which speech is exchanged. n10 MARKETPLACE OF IDEAS DOES NOT PRODUCE AN EQUILIBRIUM OF THOUGHT Alberto Bernabe Riefkohl. "Articulo: Freedome of the Press and the Business of Journalism," Revista Juridica Universidad de Puerto Rico , 67 Rev. Jur. U.P.R. 447, 1998. In the media market, the common good in terms of the process would mean there would be access to participation in the process, more diversity of ideas available for exchange, better journalism and a wide open and robust debate of ideas. But the fact is that there is no equilibrium in the economic market and "in the absence of equilibrium, the contention that free markets lead to the optimum allocation of resources loses its justification". n30 With no justification for the theory of economic marketplace competition, it can hardly be argued it should be used to justify the Constitutional protection of the marketplace of ideas. n31 SLHS Value File Marxism WE NEED DIALECTICAL THINKING TO SURVIVE THE COMPLEX THREATS TO HUMANITY Eleanor Burke Leacock, Historian and Anthropologist, INTRODUCTION TO THE ORIGIN OF THE FAMILY, PRIVATE PROPERTY AND THE STATE, 1993, p. 66. The existence of human consciousness and purpose introduces a type of complexity into the operations of human society that is not found in the rest of nature. In the past it was common to assume that, although society still eluded our grasp, control of natural processes was a mere matter of time. The awesome feat of landing on the moon would seem to verify such an assumption had it not come at a time whe...
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