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Non intervention makes the world go round it has not

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Unformatted text preview: g an incessant debate concerning the very foundations of the social contract (regarding the processes of political association and the good life) and, more specifically' actually practicing new ones. SLHS Value File Sovereignty SOVREIGNTY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN A GLOBAL COMMUNITY Clash of Globalizations- Stanley Hoffmann; STANLEY HOFFMANN is Buttenwieser University Professor at Harvard University and a regular book reviewer for Foreign Affairs. But all those trespasses against the sacred principles of sovereignty do not constitute progress toward global society, which has yet to agree on a common definition of terrorism or on a common policy against it. Indeed, the beneficiaries of the antiterrorist "war" have been the illiberal, poorer states that have lost so much of their sovereignty of late. Now the crackdown on terror allows them to tighten their controls on their own people, products, and money. They can give themselves new reasons to violate individual rights in the name of common defense against insecurity -- and thus stop the slow, hesitant march toward international criminal justice. ESTABLISHED INTERNATIONAL LAW PROTECTS NATIONAL SELF DETERMINATION Cornell International Law Journal ,Winter, 1994 ;27 Cornell Int'l L.J. 203 ;Ethnic Cleansing" in the Balkans: The Legal Foundations of Foreign Intervention ,David M. Kresock * (JD candidate) International case law has shown great deference to the principle of self-determination, and the International Court of Justice n15 has recognized that states exercise the right of self-determination only through the actual process of integration, free association, or independence. n16 One judge succinctly captured the principle of self-determination when he stated, "It is for people to determine the destiny of the territory and not the territory the destiny of the people." n17 The Court, however, has also recognized that the provision of humanitarian aid, even without the permission of the government receiving it, does not constitute unlawful intervention and does not violate the principle of self-determination. n18 SOVEREINGTY IS A RIGHT OF ALL STATES Jianming Shen. Visiting Profess...
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