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On the other hand harsh occupation sanctions in the

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Unformatted text preview: rocess of transforming the state. WITHOUT VIOLENT ACTS, SOCIAL MOVEMENTS ONLY PROP UP THE STATUS QUO Carl Webb, nqa, COLLUSION ONLINE, volume 20, February 2001, accessed May 31, 2003, pg np., He suggests that far from challenging State power, non-violent action is a valuable means by which the State can reinforce its legitimacy: "The message of civil disobedience as it is now practiced is this: There is opposition in society. The state deals with this opposition firmly but gently, according to the law. Unlike some countries, Canada is a democratic society which tolerates opposition. Therefore, it is unnecessary for anyone to step outside the forms of protest accepted by this society; it is unnecessary to resist." (p.140) Such recuperation clearly has implications for those whose actions go beyond the accepted boundary by allowing the State to simply divide and rule. As 'the violent minority' are isolated and crushed, the State can claim the tacit (or sometimes explicit) support for its actions from those who remain (unbruised and morally superior) within the permitted boundaries of dissent. VIOLENCE IS THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THE OPPRESSION OF THE STATE Mike Ryan, Canadian anti-imperialist, PACIFISM AS PATHOLOGY, 2000, p. 161. I would only add that we must also recognize that the reason such a movement can win is because it has the capacity to meet the violence of the state with a counter-violence of sufficient strength to dismember the heartland of the empire, liberating the oppressed nations within it. Further, we must acknowledge the absolute right of women to respond to the violence of patriarchy with the force necessary to protect themselves. In sum, we must recognize the validity of violence as a necessary step in self-defense and toward liberation when the violence of the system leaves the victim(s) with no other viable option. And it is here the logical inconsistency lies. SLHS Value File Violence Bad Violence is pointless: vio...
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