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Proudhons passing remark the fecundity of the

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Unformatted text preview: ed by inclination, and that the necessity of acting from pure respect for the practical law is what constitutes duty, to which every other motive must give place, because it is the condition of a will being good in itself, and the worth of such a will is above everything. ACTIONS ARE RIGHT IF THEY ARE UNIVERSALIZEABLE, RESPECTFUL OF BEINGS AS ENDS IN THEMSELVES, AND RESPECTFUL OF AUTONOMY Razeen Sappideen, Professor of Law, University of Western Sydney, AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS LAW REVIEW, December, 1997, p. 422. According to the deontological approach, duty is the basic moral category, and that duty is independent of consequences. In other words, the criterion of measurement is the intrinsic worth of the act itself, and not necessarily its consequences. Individuals, according to this view, are ends in themselves, and not mere means to an end. This view, therefore, stands in grim contrast to the utilitarian notion of a sum of happiness. The best expression of this is to be found in Immanuel Kant's categorical imperative requiring us to: "So act that you could wish the maxim of your action to become a universal law of human conduct". The implication is that we should dutifully obey the imperatives for moral behavior that are evident to all rational persons. Accordingly, an action is a moral action, if it is amenable to being made consistently universal, respects rational beings as ends in themselves, and stems from and respects the autonomy of such rational beings. SLHS Value File Morality (Deontology): Predictions Bad Hannah Arendt, Philosopher, ON VIOLENCE, 1969, p. 6-8 Under these circumstances, there are, indeed, few things that are more frightening than the steadily increasing prestige of scientifically minded brain trusters in the councils of government during the last decades. The trouble is not that they are cold-blooded enough to "think the un-thinkable," but that they do not think. Instead of indulging in such an old-fashioned, uncomputerizable activity, they reckon with the consequences of certain hypothetically assumed constellations withou...
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