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Racists like the conservatives reject affirmative

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Unformatted text preview: with the assumption that this is so, even though I recognize that my argument of social benefit is premised on somewhat uncertain ground. SLHS Value File Colorblindness Good Color-blindness does not = racism Leslie Carr, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, associate professor at Old Dominion University, ColorBlind Racism, 1997, p. 157 What, then, is the difference between conservatives and the old evolutionary racists? Racists, like the conservatives, reject affirmative action, but unlike conservatives, they also rejected color blindness. Table A. I shows that racists are more prejudiced and endorse racist ideology more than conservatives. What we see, then, is that the liberals are the least nationalist, the conservatives are intermediate, and the racists are the most nationalist. As discussed earlier, color blindness is one form of White nationalist ideology. Justice Harlan made that clear and in this study the rejection of color blindness by the majority of African American students, described earlier, helps confirm it. The higher levels of prejudice and racist ideology of the conservatives, compared to the liberals, suggest a certain duplicity in the color blindness of the conservatives. This duplicity is not unlike that of the conservative intellectuals and Supreme Court justices who omitted that part of Justice Harlan's dissent that explained that a color-blind constitution was the way to preserve the dominance of the White nation. Colorblind approach will enhance popularity and garner support for enforcement Paul Sniderman and Edward Carmines, Harvard, Reaching Beyond Race, 1997, p. 8 Our findings suggest that the very same policies meant to reach out and help those most in need of help will win markedly more public support if they are championed on the basis of universal principles that reach beyond race instead of being justified on racially specific grounds. The advantage of a colorblind politics is not that it wins the support of whites who would otherwise object to programs to help blacks, whether...
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