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Unformatted text preview: hat will help them gain food, clothing, and shelter and that will control the boys. There are only two practical options: either the private patriarch (who is, in the end, simply the conventional husband), a figure who is adept at breadwinning and taming the lads; or the public patriarch (i.e., the welfare state), which provides food stamps, public housing, and day care subsidies and eventually jails a large share of the boys. The first choice is compatible with health, happiness, wealth creation, and political liberty. The second choice is a sure path to the servile state. SLHS Value File Freedom POLITICAL JUSTICE REQUIRES HUMAN FREEDOM Aristotle, Ancient Philosopher, Translated by W. D. Ross, NICHOMACHEAN ETHICS, 350 BC, p. 60. The justice of a master and that of a father are not the same as the justice of citizens, though they are like it; for there can be no injustice in the unqualified sense towards thing that are one's own, but a man's chattel, and his child until it reaches a certain age and sets up for itself, are as it were part of himself, and no one chooses to hurt himself (for which reason there can be no injustice towards oneself). Therefore the justice or injustice of citizens is not manifested in these relations; for it was as we saw according to law, and between people naturally subject to law, and these as we saw' are people who have an equal share in ruling and being ruled. Hence justice can more truly be manifested towards a wife than towards children and chattels, for the former is household justice; but even this is different from political justice. SLHS Value File Freedom Bad TRUE JUSTICE REVEALS FREEDOM TO BE POTENTIALLY VIOLENT Emmanuel Levinas, French-Lithuanian ethical philosopher, TOTALITY AND INFINITY, 1988, p. 84. Conscience welcomes the Other. It is the revelation of a resistance to my powers that does not counter them as a greater force, but calls in question the naive right of my powers, my glorious spontaneity as a living being. Morality begins when freedom, instead of being justified by itself, feels itself to be arbitrary and violent. The search for the intelligible and the manifestation of the critical essence of kn...
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