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Unformatted text preview: Professor of Philosophy, THE OPEN SOCIETY AND ITS ENEMIES, 1952, p. 155. But he will be aware that perfection, if at all attainable, is far distant, and that every generation of men, and therefore also the living, have a claim; perhaps not so much of a claim to be made happy, for there are no institutional means of making a man happy, but a claim not to be made unhappy, where it can be avoided. They have a claim to be given all possible help, if they suffer. the piecemeal engineer will, accordingly, adopt the method of searching for, and fighting against, the greatest and most urgent evils of society, rather than searching for, and fighting for, its greatest ultimate good. SLHS Value File Utility (Negative) Bad NEGATIVE UTILITARIANISM PROVIDES JUSTIFICATION FOR MURDER R. N. Smart, Professor of Philosophy at the University of London, MIND, Vol. 67, 1958, p. 542. Again, consider NU in relation to murder and abortion. Painless killing would be a benefit to the victim. True, (I) his dear ones might suffer, through (a) the sorrow occasioned by his death and (b) the possible deprivation accruing on the removal of a breadwinner; and (II) without a rule against murder society might become chaotic and therefore miserable. As for (a), mourning as an expression of sympathy for the victim would be irrational; better to be glad that he will fear no more the heat of the sun nor the furious winter's raging, etc. (Religious people sometimes come near to this, but not for NU reasons: the dead one is enjoying the bliss of heaven.) And as to (b) and (II), controlled murder would be quite all right, e.g. childexposure (or rather, painless child murder, like the human disposal of unwanted kittens), provided this did not upset population balance, etc.: one could have a state-administered system of licenses, for instance. 2. NEGATIVE UTILITARIANISM UNCONVINCING ON LIFE-FOCUSED GROUNDS R. N. Smart, Professor of Philosophy at the University of London, MIND, Vol. 67, 1958, p. 542-3. Furthermore, racial suicide, child-murder and abortion, while undoubtedly beneficial to the victims if pain...
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