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Such council inaction in the face of human rights

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Unformatted text preview: guilt or the fury that ex-believers feel in having allowed themselves to be deceived. Amis is asking if we can finally talk about this as logical, sensible, morally sentient adults. You could fill books with the literary friendships that have broken up over arguments about communism. It may be that Amis' friendship with Christopher "Lenin was ... a great man" Hitchens is one of them. Toward the end of the book is a long open letter to "Comrade Hitchens" in which Amis writes, "So it is still obscure to me why you wouldn't want to put more distance between yourself and these events than you do, with your reverence for Lenin and your unregretted discipleship of Trotsky ... Why? An admiration for Lenin and Trotsky is meaningless without an admiration for terror. They would not want your admiration if it failed to include an admiration for terror. Do you admire terror? I know you admire freedom." SLHS Value File Materialism SOCIAL ANALYSIS MUST ACCOUNT FOR THE HUMAN, MATERIAL WORLD Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels, Philosophers and Historians, THE GERMAN IDEOLOGY, 1991, p. 46-7. Empirical observation must in each separate instance bring out empirically, and without any mystification and speculation, the connection of the social and political structure with production. The social structure and the state are continually evolving out of the life-processes of definite individuals, but of individuals, not as they may appear in their own or in others' imagination, but as they really are; i.e. as they operate, produce materially, and hence as they work under definite material limits, presuppositions and conditions independent of their will. SLHS Value File Military Intervention MILITARY EFFORTS JUSTIFIED ONLY IN EXTREMES. Gareth Evans and Mohamed Sahnoun, Foreign Affairs, Nov/Dec 2002. The Responsibility to Protect, Foreign Affairs. New York: Nov/Dec 2002. Vol. 81, Iss. 6; pg. 99 As for the "just cause" threshold, our starting point is that military intervention for human protection purposes is an extraordinary measure. For it to be warranted, civi...
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