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The social contract myth is false to our social

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Unformatted text preview: appear to be radically diverse also. The model of man used in social contract theory thus risks, as was said above, being not only unreal but arbitrary - what is taken to be human nature may be only one of innumerable possible human natures, and the temptation is great to construct the model just in such a way as to generate the desired conclusions. SLHS Value File CONTRACTUALISM CAN'T DEAL WITH THE PLURALITY OF CONCEPTIONS OF THE GOOD David Boucher and Paul Kelly, Professors of Politics, University of Wales, THE SOCIAL CONTRACT FROM HOBBES TO RAWLS, 1994, p.26. Any political authority which adopts strict neutrality towards the goods that individuals pursue is in danger of seeing the diversity of a plural culture disappear in the face of mass opinion. If, on the other hand, the state adopts a stance of protecting important components of a society's culture then it must necessarily abandon a strict impartiality between individual's choices and forms of life and assert grounds for preferring some ways of life above others. This cannot be done within the terms of contract arguments. Thus critics such as Taylor argue that even political liberalism needs more than the underpinnings of a neutralist contractarianism. GENERAL SUSPICION OF SOCIETY IS SELF-DESTRUCTIVE Robert Solomon, Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas, A PASSION FOR JUSTICE, 1990, p.151. It is true that we are often suspicious of governments and rightly distrustful of the state in any form, but it is ultimately self-defeating if not self-destructive to be distrustful of society per se, even if in any particular case it makes perfectly good sense to be reflective and reform-minded about the character of one's own group or culture. We are social creatures, and the illusion of the self against society is no more than one of the dominant but very peculiar rules of reciprocal altruism in a society that has grown much too large and complex to have any simple rules. HUMANS ARE BASICALLY UNLIKE THE WAY SOCIAL CONTRACT THEORISTS DEPICT THEM Robert Solomon, Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas, A PASSION FOR JUSTICE, 1990, p.150-1. We never w...
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