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There is no evidence to support democratic peace ben

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Unformatted text preview: ional Relations,and U.S. Foreign Policy Recent scholarship has directly investigated the possibility that these observations of a democratic peace are simply artifacts of geographic propinquity or economic wealth. Maoz and Russett (1993) find that they are not, that regime type is both the most influential and the most significant source of variation in war-proneness, as well as a robust indicator across different operationalizations. On the other hand, Layne (1994) is openly critical of the strength of the empirical data, Mansfield and Snyder (1995) argue that nascent or transforming democracies are prone to fight anyone, and Farber and Gowa (1995) claim that while the statistical evidence for a democratic peace is plausibly strong in the post--World War II era, there were simply not enough potentially warring democracies prior to World War II to substantiate the broad historical claims of democratic peace's more ardent supporters. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT DEMOCRATIC PEACE Ben Hunt, NQ, Democratization, International Relations,and U.S. Foreign Policy A statistical correlation between peace and inter democratic relations, regardless of whether it extends only since World War II or has been in effect across all of modem history, is a weak reed on which to base foreign policy. We need a plausible theory, an understanding of why liberal democracies are unlikely go to war with each other, before we can have any real confidence in the truth of the data. DEMOCRATIC PEACE IS A MYTH Thomas Schwartz, Professor of Political Science at UCLA, and Kiron Skinner, Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and the Hoover Institution and Assistant Professor of History and Political Science at Carnegie Mellon University, "THE MYTH OF THE DEMOCRATIC PEACE," Orbis, v46 issue 1, Winter, 2002 Here we show that neither the historical record nor the theoretical arguments advanced for the purpose provide any support for democratic pacifism. It does not matter how high or low one sets the bar of democrac...
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