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The marines who today are being landed in beirut are

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Unformatted text preview: of resistance to all imperialism Frantz Fanon, 1964, postcolonial psychologist, Toward the African Revolution, p.145 Among colonized peoples there seems to exist a kind of illuminating and sacred communication as a result of which each liberated territory is for a certain time promoted to the rank of "guide territory." The independence of a new territory, the liberation of the new peoples are felt by the other oppressed countries as an invitation, an encouragement, and a promise. Every setback of colonial domination in America or in Asia strengthens the national will of the African peoples. It is in the national struggle against the oppressor that colonized peoples have discovered, concretely, the solidarity of the colonialist bloc necessary interdependence of the liberation movements. The shaking of British imperialism, for example, cannot really be accompanied by a consolidation of French imperialism. In the immediate, such a result may appear obvious. In reality, the national flow, the emergence of new states, prepare and precipitate the inevitable ebb of the international colonial ist cohort. The advent of peoples, unknown only yesterday, onto the stage of history, their determination to participate in the building of a civilization that has its place in the world of today give to the contemporary period a decisive importance in the world process of humanization. SLHS Value File Neo-colonial dependence of imperialists causes conflicts between the great powers Frantz Fanon, 1964, postcolonial psychologist, Toward the African Revolution, p.122 For countries like Great Britain and France there arises the important question of zones of influence. Unanimous in their decision to stifle the national aspirations of the colonial peoples, these countries wage a gigantic struggle for the seizure of world markets. The economic battles between France, England, and the United States, in the Middle East, in the Far East, and now in Africa, give the measure of imperialist voracity and bestiality....
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