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The catastrophic failure of castros revolution has

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Unformatted text preview: n we have been forced to recognize that the piecemeal approach to the natural processes that has characterized Western science is powerless to stop the "blind laws" of nature from asserting themselves at a more complex level and rendering the earth unfit for human life. The world, like society, is a product of history, of meteorological and geological history. Comfortable regularities (in the time and space limits of our solar system) like the atomic progression of minerals and the law of gravity function within the context of interconnecting and changing relationships of unlimited complexity. Now the fact that man is but an aspect of this complex whole has unavoidably asserted itself. Humanity cannot for much longer through the mess it has gotten into. It will take understanding to save us, and at the present stage of history, at least, the kind of understanding called Marxist. SLHS Value File Marxism Bad Communism is fascist; denial of its history is like Holocaust denial Charles Taylor, contributing writer,, July 16, 2002,, downloaded July 16, 2002 Despite the fact that it can be plausibly argued that true communism has never been achieved, by now it's clear that every state that has attempted it has perpetrated totalitarian outrages. In the end we find that the differences among all the variations on the theme are less striking than the similarities of the experiences of those who had to live under those regimes. More unites than separates voices like Josef Skvorecky and Milan Kundera in Czechoslovakia, Peter Schneider in Germany, Reinaldo Arenas in Cuba and the Chinese students in the Tiananmen Square documentary "The Gate of Heavenly Peace." "Koba the Dread" is an adumbration of the incidents that Amis has gleaned from "several yards of books about the Soviet experiment." Woven through the book are his own experiences in the arguments about communism, arguments conducted with his father (a communist for 15 years before becoming a devoted anti-communist), and with his friend Christopher Hitche...
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