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The crucial moral and political issue lies in

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Unformatted text preview: ifferently, the claim of the humanitarian action community is that its aid is morally incontestable. At least in the purest case (and many situations are not so clear), no one could rationally dispute either its necessity for human good or, given that it is destined for noncombatants, claim that it will impair military necessity. Having met those two conditions, no one can rationally deny the provision of such aid. Humanitarian action is a form of justified intercourse--"intercourse" because it involves activities involved with and indeed on the territory of belligerents--and "justified" because no moral, indeed no rational, actor could deny it. And this is precisely what international humanitarian law on this issue, such as Art. 70 of 1977 Additional Protocol I, governing civilian relief action by outside humanitarian actors, fundamentally intends when it says that such relief efforts shall not be considered "unfriendly." Such efforts constitute, by law, justified intercourse insofar as they meet these two conditions and are impartial and neutral between noncombatants in need. SLHS Value File Humanitarianism Bad LINKING AID TO POLITICAL GOALS MASKS THE GOALS OF CREATING A NEW WORLD ORDER AND INCREASING U.S. HEGEMONY IT IS NOT TO HELP THE VICTIMS Jose Antonia Sanahuja, Professor of International Relations at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, and analyst at the Peace Research Center, 2005. Trade, Aid, and Development in Times of War, p. 7. The most serious repercussions behind the link between aid and antiterrorism relate to humanitarian assistance. Given the lack of a legal backing for the invasion of Iraq, the US-British coalition and their allies, have made use of the humanitarian argument to legitimate the war. As Paula Dobriansky, Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs of the United States, pointed out, regarding the war in Afghanistan, "the war against terrorism and humanitarian aid go hand in hand". Both in Afghanistan, and in Iraq, the main obstacle that the United States, and its allies, have faced is not the...
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