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The establishment of democracy around the world is a

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Unformatted text preview: number of myths and cliches for those willing to look at the evidence rationally (see "Remembering the Obvious"); among them, the idea that everybody around the world is the same; that SLHS Value File violence never solved anything; that supporting the U.S. government is a knee-jerk response of the uneducated; that dislike for "multilateralism" and disdain for the opinions of the "international community" are synonymous with isolationism; that all we had to do was "give peace a chance." This week, we can add another to the list: the notion that understanding breeds peace. To date, there is only one thing that reliably guarantees peace in the long term: democracy. The establishment of democracy around the world is a lofty and idealistic goal, but it is also in our best interests. The key word here is "interests," because the only responsible way to pursue one's interests is to be realistic about how the world actually works. This is the realism of the foreign-policy intellectuals. I would pursue this point, but I can see that I am out of time. SLHS Value File DEMOCRACY PROMOTION IS GOOD Larry Diamond, senior research fellow at the Hoover Institution, USA TODAY, Jan 1998 v126 n2632 p56(2) Concerted international pressure on authoritarian elites could reinforce domestic pressures and persuade dictators that the costs of resisting demands for democracy exceed the benefits they expect to reap. At a minimum, international pressure can narrow the base of support for the regime and induce it to negotiate with the opposition for a new democratic framework, as happened in South Africa, Zambia, and Malawi. What will be necessary for such pressure to be effective varies from case to case. There already has been an African-led military intervention in Sierra Leone against the rebels in that country. The American public will not support the deployment of U.S. troops to restore democracy in an African state, but will back assistance for efforts by African states tryin...
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