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The language of human rights in order to be

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Unformatted text preview: security are acts of aggression by other states. Aggressive acts of war may directly endanger the United States, as did the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, or they may require U.S. military action overseas, as in Kuwait fifty years later. Evidence from the post-Cold War period indicates that states that systematically abuse their own citizens' human rights are also those most likely to engage in aggression. To the degree that improvements in various states' human rights records decrease the likelihood of aggressive war, a foreign policy informed by human rights can significantly enhance U.S. and global security. VIOLATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS AFFECT EVERYONE AND THUS EVERYONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR PROTECTION Wilfried Gerhard, Director for the Department of Social Sciences, FhrungsAkademie der Bundeswehr, Hamburg, Germany, 2002. The Fading of the Nation State, The Quarterly Journal, pp. 81-92. Of course, as the world grows together, there is an increasing consciousness that mankind is growing together as well; in other words, a sense of human solidarity is developing. Some 200 years ago, Immanuel Kant said that, "The community amongst the peoples of the earth has developed to such an extent that an infringement of rights in one part of the earth is felt by everybody." This statement, from 200 years ago, has never been more true than today. Infringements of rights in one part of the earth are felt by everybody, and stimulate a feeling of direct political responsibility. SLHS Value File HUMAN RIGHTS ALLOW THE OPPRESSED TO DEMAND PROTECTION Christina Ochoa, Juris Doctorate degree from Harvard Law School, Winter 2003. BOSTON COLLEGE THIRD WORLD LAW JOURNAL, 23 B.C. Third World L.J. 57, p. 57. Human rights language is particularly attuned to setting out the goals of protecting the world's least protected people. As human rights advocates have entered negotiations with international economic institutions and transnational corporations (TNCs), such negotiations have often resulted in an alternative language to describe the necessity of protecting and promoting human rights. After describing the progressive inclusion of human rights ideas by TNCs...
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