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The mindset of colonialist domination requires

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Unformatted text preview: And it is not an exaggeration to say that these battles are the direct cause of the strategies which, still today, shake the newly independent states. In exceptional circumstances, the zones of influence of the pound sterling, of the dollar, and of the franc, are converted and become, by a conjurer's trick, the Western world. Today in Lebanon and in Iraq, if we are to believe Mr. Malraux, it is homo occidentalis who is threatened. The oil of Iraq has removed all prohibitions and made concrete the true problems. We have only to remember the violent interventions in the West Indian archipelago or in Latin America every time the dictatorships supported by American policy were in danger. The Marines who today are being landed in Beirut are the brothers of those who, periodically, are sent to reestablish "order" in Haiti, in Costa Rica, in Panama. The United States considers that the two Americas constitute a world governed by the Monroe Doctrine whose application is entrusted to the American forces. The single article of this doctrine stipulates that America belongs to the Americans, in other words, to the State Department. Its outlets having proved insufficient, it was inevitable that America would turn to other regions, namely the Far East, the Middle East, and Africa. There ensued a competition between Beasts of prey; its creations are: the Eisenhower doctrine against England in the Middle East; support for Ngo Dinh Diem against France in Indochina; Economic Aid Commisson in Africa announced by the presidential voyage of Mr. Nixon, against France, England, and Belgium. Empirically, Neo-colonialism leads to a new war of greater violence than the original Frantz Fanon, 1964, postcolonial psychologist, Toward the African Revolution, p.122 Neo-colonialism, because it proposes to do justice to human dignity in general, addresses itself essentially to the middle class and to the intellectals of the colonial country. Today, the peoples no longer feel their bellies at peace when the colonial country has r...
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