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The native is declared insensible to ethics he

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Unformatted text preview: ecognized the value of its elites. The people want things really to change and right away. Thus it is that the struggle resumes with renewed violence. In this second phase, the occupant bristles and unleashes all his forces. What was wrested by bombardments is reconverted into results of free negotiations. The former occupant intervenes, in the name of duty, and once again establishes his war in an independent country. All the former colonies, from Indonesia to Egypt, without forgetting Panama, which have tried to denounce the agreements wrung from them by force, have found themselves obliged to undergo a new war and sometimes to see their sovereignty again violated and amputated. The mindset of colonialist domination requires revolutionary resistance Frantz Fanon, 1964, postcolonial psychologist, Toward the African Revolution, p.170 The optimism that prevails today in Africa is not an optimism born of the spectacle of forces of nature that are at last favorable to Africans. Nor is the optimism due to the discovery in the former oppressor of a less inhuman and more kindly state of mind. Optimism in Africa is the direct product of the revolutionary action of the African masses, whether political or armed -often both at one and the same time. We understand now why every African nationalist is so obsessed with constantly giving an African dimension to his action. This is because the struggle for freedom and national independence is dialectically linked to the struggle against colonialism in Africa. The enemy of the African under French domination is not colonialism insofar as it exerts itself within the strict limits of his nation, but it is the forms of colonialism, it is the manifestations of colonialism, whatever be the flag under which it asserts itself. SLHS Value File Colonization is also a discursive construct; challenging the discourse is necessary to challenge the colonialism Frantz Fanon, 1964, postcolonial psychologist, The Wretched of the Earth, p.41 The natives' challenge to the colonial wor...
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