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Unformatted text preview: le, and never been easy. It's not impossible now, and not easy either. There has rarely been a time in history when that choice carried such dramatic human consequences. MUTUAL GOVERNANCE BY LAW IS NECESSARY FOR JUSTICE Aristotle, Ancient Philosopher, Translated by W. D. Ross, NICHOMACHEAN ETHICS, 350 BC, p. 57. Now we have previously stated how the reciprocal is related to the just; but we must not forget that what we are looking for is not only what is just without qualification but also political justice. This is found among men who share their life with a view to self sufficiency, men who are free and either proportionately or arithmetically equal, so that between those who do not fulfil this condition there is no political justice but justice in a special sense and by analogy. For justice exists only between men whose mutual relations are governed by law; and law exists for men between whom there is injustice; for legal justice is the discrimination of the just and the unjust. SLHS Value File Equality Bad POLITICAL EFFORT TO SECURE EQUALITY RESULTS IN TOTALITARIANISM Bryan Turner, Flinders University of South Australia Professor of Sociology, EQUALITY, 1986, p. 37. The more interesting argument against equality is that a political program to secure social equality generally would be infeasible, since to secure radical equality of condition or equality of outcome would require massive social and political regulation by the state resulting in a totalitarian and authoritarian regime. The price of significant equality is political despotism which would subordinate individual talent and achievement. 3. EQUALITY IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH OTHER DESIRABLE VALUES, LIKE FREEDOM Bryan Turner, Flinders University of South Australia Professor of Sociology, EQUALITY, 1986, p. 37. The third argument against equality is that some forms of radical equality are not desirable, since the achievement of equality may be incompatible with other values which are also desirable. For example, it is very commonly argued t...
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