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The special obligation of members of oppressed

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Unformatted text preview: rison of racism confines us all, people of color and white people alike. It shackles the victimizer as well as the victim. The walls forcibly keep people of color and white people separate from each other; in our separate prisons we are all prevented from achieving the human potential that God intends for us. The limitations imposed on people of color by poverty, subservience, and powerlessness are cruel, inhuman, and unjust; the effects of uncontrolled power, privilege, and greed, which are the marks of our white prison will inevitably destroy us as well. But we have also seen that the walls of racism can be dismantled. We are not condemned to an inexorable fate, but are offered the vision and the possibility of freedom. Brick by brick, stone by stone, the prison of individual, institutional, and cultural racism can be destroyed. You and I are urgently called to join the efforts of those who know it is time to tear down, once and for all, the walls of racism. The danger of selfdestruction seems to be drawing ever more near. The results of centuries of national and worldwide conquest and colonization, of military buildups and violent aggression, of overconsumption and environmental destruction may be reaching the point of no return. A small and predominantly white minority of global population derives its power and privilege from sufferings of the vast majority of peoples of color. For the sake of the world and ourselves, we dare not allow it to continue. EVERYONE HAS OBLIGATIONS TO COMBAT DISCRIMINATION THAT TRANSCEND ONE'S SKIN COLOR Amy Gutmann, Laurence Rockefeller University Professor of Politics and Dean of the faculty at Princeton University, 1996, p. 171-172 This common, color blind ideal of fairness provides a basis for members of oppressed groups to criticize others who benefit from their efforts to combat racial injustice but who do nothing to aid the cause. But the same ideal of fairness frees individuals from being bound by the dominant group understanding of how the cause i...
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