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Therefore the attempt to apply kants system which is

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Unformatted text preview: ulations.) To call such unexpected, unpredicted, and unpredictable happenings "random events" of "the last gasps of the past," condemning them to irrelevance or the famous "dustbin of history," is the oldest trick in the trade; the trick, no doubt, helps in clearing up the theory, but at the price of removing it further and further from reality. The danger is that these theories are not only plausible, because they take their evidence from actually discernible present trends, but that, because of their inner consistency, they have a hypnotic effect; they put to sleep our common sense, which is nothing else but our mental organ for perceiving, understanding, and dealing with reality and factuality. SLHS Value File Morality (Deontology) Bad KANT'S DEONTOLOGY IGNORES REALITY Kantianism must be combined with pragmatism to be a genuine ethical theory. Sami Pihlstrom, department of Philosophy, University of Helsinki, PHILOSOPHY TODAY, Fall 1997, p. 383. The upshot of my reconciliatory attempt will be a particular Kantian-pragmatic notion of the moral subject, a notion surprisingly close to what one can find in existentialism. This (transcendental) subject is not ontologically distinct from the empirical subject living in this world of empirical sorrow and suffering. But she is a subject who, in a Kantian fashion, actively constitutes the world within which she lives and, in accordance with James's pragmatism, bases this constitutive project on her social, purposive, value-laden (and thus historically changing) practice. In a way, such a transcendental subject is an active constitutor of the empirical, both cognitively and morally relevant, world as well as the course of her own life as a series of events taking place in that world. 2. KANT IGNORES THE REALITY OF THE WORLD; PRAGMATISM CAN OVERCOME THIS Sami Pihlstrom, department of Philosophy, University of Helsinki, PHILOSOPHY TODAY, Fall 1997, p. 385. Kantian ahistorical, static apriorism has been generally abandoned in contemporary phil...
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