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These rights have become the inalienable rights of

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Unformatted text preview: owing, the movement of a being back to what precedes its condition, begin together. SLHS Value File Freedom Good (economic) Economic Freedom leads to economic opportunity and advancement Connecticut Law Review Summer, 2001 It was an expression of economic freedom and has been a vehicle of economic opportunity and advancement for millions of Americans. It has improved the quality of many lives and we cannot imagine our economy or our nation without it. But corporate entities, by pursuing their explicit missions of accumulating and deploying capital, have grown in power and stature. Many of our major American corporations today have more resources than most modern nations. Multinational corporations may operate above and beyond the control of any single government, including the state that chartered their existence. They have, as a practical matter, under our civil justice system, most if not all of the rights of humans, and do not, at least theoretically, suffer from the human limitations of disease and mortality Free markets led to the most universal recognition of human rights Ismail Serageldin, Vice-President of Environmental Sustainable Development for the World Bank, Nurturing Development: Aid and Cooperation in Today's Changing World, 1995, p.5-6 Let's look at these constituent elements and just how Western they really are. Human rights is an idea of universal appeal. Its most persistent current formulations are international declarations and instruments, universally adopted and ratified even if initiated and driven by Western governments and citizens' groups. These rights have become the inalienable rights of all people everywhere by virtue of being alive. Of course much more remains to be done to give real meaning and substance to such universal statements. Women and minorities continue to suffer in most societies. Furthermore, with over 1 billion people going hungry every day, and the highly selective application of various UN sanctions or interventions, many feel that there is a certain...
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