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This rationale might come as a surprise but actions

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Unformatted text preview: dividuals bestows upon individual egotism an ethical value which it would not possess apart from its subservience to the ethical goal of social harmony. This rationale might come as a surprise, but actions motivated by selfinterest are indeed ethical! Do not sacrifice yourself to anyone, or anyone to yourself (Rand). As each individual struggles to amass more and more power, these efforts may be efficiently garnered and productively applied via a free market system. Such is the beauty of capitalism, it recognizes and embraces selfish action and provides a moral and efficient product. SLHS Value File Capitalism Bad CAPITALISM LIMITS AND DEFINES OUR INNER AND SOCIAL IDENTITIES Jurgen Habermas, Frankfurt School social philosopher, THE THEORY OF COMMUNICATIVE ACTION, VOLUME ONE, 1981, p. 355. Capitalist society too is determined by a specific form that establishes the way in which its members categorically interpret objective nature, interpersonal relations, and their own subjective natures--that is to say, "the objectivity of their inner and outer lives." In our own terminology: the form of objectivity that predominates in capitalist society prejudices the worldrelations, the ways in which speaking and acting subjects can relate to things in the objective, the social, and their own subjective worlds. Capitalism leads to catastrophic impacts threatening the survival of the human race. Gilbert Achcar, Legacy of Ernest Mandel, 2000. p.28 After 1985, `som or barbarism is increasingly replaced, in Mandel's discourse, by a new choice: `som or death'. Capitalism leads to suicidal catastrophes that threaten not only civilization but the physical survival of the human species if there is no worldwide revolutionary action against the system. Is this a too `apocalyptic' conception of the future? Mandel was not afraid of using `apocalyptic' images to illustrate his warnings. In his 1990 essay on the future of som, he sees the four horsemen of the apocalypse already runn...
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