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Thus human rights by definition are not concerned

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Unformatted text preview: e revenue in the public good, but only for the benefit of those clever enough to manipulate the system to their own benefit. We can see the result in America today. The entire political process has degenerated into a mad scramble over what should be financed with public funds as our politicians spend us into national bankruptcy. INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM LEADS TO INEQUALITY John B. Judis, Homeward Bound, THE NEW REPUBLIC, March 3, 2003, pg 16,, 28-7-03 Croly's conception of liberalism was an answer to the Jeffersonian individualism that dominated much of nineteenth-century U.S. politics. Thomas Jefferson had believed that the United States would achieve both liberty and equality by the diffusion of small property ownership, becoming a land of yeoman farmers and craftsmen. But, by the dawn of the twentieth century, the balance between liberty and equality had been lost as the unhampered growth of free enterprise led to great corporations, urban slums, and a large, unruly, and underpaid immigrant working class increasingly drawn to radical politics. "The traditional American confidence in individual freedom," wrote Croly, "has resulted in a morally and socially undesirable distribution of wealth." Moreover, these "gross inequalities" threatened the "social bond" on which democracy was based. SLHS Value File Justice According to Rawls, justice is the highest value and must never be compromised Robert P. Burns, Professor of Law, Northwestern University School of Law, NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW , Fall 1988 / Winter 1989, p. 238 Income maintenance policy must, of course, be concerned with ideals other than justice. Nonetheless, according to Rawls, "justice is the first virtue of social institutions" and its dictates have an absolute priority over other social goals: if they cannot be reconciled, then the requirements of justice must be met. Indeed, reconciliation could not, for Rawls, involve any compromise of the demands of justice. JUSTICE IS THE IDEAL OF A STATE, WHILE LAWS AR...
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