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To this stance of impartiality provision of

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Unformatted text preview: ways, of course, but provided the injustice does not exceed certain limits. We recognize that we must run the risk of suffering from the defects of one another's sense of justice; this burden we are prepared to carry as long as it is more or less evenly distributed or does not weigh too heavily. Justice binds us to a just constitution and to the unjust laws which may be enacted under it in precisely the same way that it binds us to any other social arrangement. Once we take the sequence of stages into account, there is nothing unusual in our being required to comply with unjust laws. SLHS Value File Dignity HUMAN DIGNITY SHOULD BE VALUED BY PROVIDING APOLITICAL HUMANITARIAN AID Joanna Macrae, Overseas Development Institute Analyst, 1998. The Death of Humanitarianism?: Anatomy of the Attack, p. 309-310. The concept of humanitarianism suggests that human life and dignity are essentially valuable and should be protected irrespective of gender, race, creed or political affiliation. To this stance of impartiality -- provision of assistance on the basis of need -- is added the second value of humanitarianism: neutrality, in other words not taking a political position in relation to the conflict. Historically, humanitarian values have rested upon the assumption that active military personnel and civilians can be distinguished. Justice requires that we recognize the dignity and perspectives of even the worst people Susan Bandes, Professor, DePaul University, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO LAW REVIEW, 1996, p. 410-412 I think of Mark Yudof 's question: What of the voice of the rapist? He concludes that though the rapist's voice is human, "the rape victim's human voice does and should drown it out." It is true that the rapist, however impoverished or abusive his background, must be held accountable for his crime. But in this situation, both the rapist and the rape victim may be outsiders, in various ways. Just as the rapist's guilt may be bet- ter understood in a larger social, political, and historical context, so too the law--as...
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