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Unformatted text preview: military capacity of its adversary, which cannot do much against the overbearing and absolute military superiority of the United States. The crucial moral and political issue, lies in presenting the attack against Iraq as a "just" and legitimate war; obscuring its real motives: the creation of a new international order, of a hegemonic nature, which reflects the distribution of current military might, and not that of 1945, which still persists in the composition and structure of the United Nations' Security Council, as well as the application of a hegemonic project to reshape the Middle East and Central Asia. THE POLITICIZATION OF INTERNATIONAL AID SERVES AS PROPAGANDA FOR INTERVENTION LEGITIMIZES PREEMPTIVE INVASIONS Jose Antonia Sanahuja, Professor of International Relations at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, and analyst at the Peace Research Center, 2005. Trade, Aid, and Development in Times of War, p. 6. The need to legitimize the war explains the exaggerated politicization of humanitarian aid, and the importance given to the humanitarian argument that has been very present in the political rhetoric and war propaganda aimed at a compassionate though gullible and misinformed- public opinion. The images of the invasion were accompanied with those of food distribution from coalition military vehicles, in an unfortunate operation, to judge by the chaotic distribution operations carried out in the first few days of the invasion. The operations to assist the population have often been carried out within the parameters of Civil and Military Co-operation (CIMIC). As in the notorious "humanitarian bombing" of yellow packages with military rations in Afghanistan, the aid operations in Iraq obeyed to motives of propaganda, rather than to the principles of humanity and impartiality upon which international humanitarian law, and the operating rules of the more professional NGOs are based, and which ensure that aid reaches the most vulnerable. POLITICAL INTENT OF DONOR NATIONS PUTS EVEN IMPARTIAL RELIEF ORGANIZATIONS IN JEAOPARDY THUS FURTHERING CONFLICT Jose Antonia Sanahuja,...
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