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When this is no longer the case the situation changes

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Unformatted text preview: are obeyed and the army or police forces are prepared to use their weapons. When this is no longer the case, the situation changes abruptly. Not only is the rebellion not put down, but the arms themselves change hands--sometimes, as in the Hungarian revolution, within a few hours. SLHS Value File Anarchy Bad ANARCHIST NOTIONS OF FREEDOM ARE WRONG Friedrich Nietzsche, Philosopher, BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL, 1989, p. 88. How much trouble the poets and orators of all peoples have taken--not excepting a few prose writers today in whose ear there dwells an inexorable conscience--'for the sake of some foolishness,' as utilitarian dolts say, feeling smart--'submitting abjectly to capricious laws,' as anarchists say, feeling 'free,' even 'free-spirited.' But the curious fact is that all there is or has been on earth of freedom, subtlety, boldness, dance, and masterly sureness, whether in thought itself or in government, or in rhetoric and persuasion, in the arts just as in ethics, has developed only owing to the 'tyranny of such capricious laws'. ANARCHY WOULD LEAD TO ENDLESS FEUDS, RETALIATION AND VIOLENCE Robert Nozick, Professor of Philosophy at Harvard University, ANARCHY, STATE AND UTOPIA, 1974, p. 11. In a state of nature, the understood natural law may not provide for every contingency in a proper fashion and men who judge in their own case will always give themselves the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are in the right. They will overestimate the amount of harm or damage they have suffered, and passions will lead them to attempt to punish others more than proportionately and to enact excessive compensation. Thus private and personal enforcement of one's rights (including those rights which are violated when one is needlessly punished) leads to feuds, to an endless series of acts of retaliation and enactions of compensation. SLHS Value File Apologies / Forgiveness Apologies are powerful and important Saskatchewan Law Review 2002 The power and importance of apology lie in its potential to offer to victims...
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