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Yet the problem was not chiefly that the nazis were

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Unformatted text preview: r individuality as one of their essential, central characteristics. NAZISM IS A RESULT OF COMMUNITARIANISM J. Budziszewski, Professor of Government University of Texas Austin, FIRST THINGS, March 1995, p. 22. First, demonic communitarianism, the discredited ideology of the Volk or People, epitomized by Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels. It was an idolatry, which like all idolatries eventually demanded sacrifices of blood. By treating the community itself as the source of value and the criterion of truth, the Nazis opened vaults of wickedness so vast that they have hardly yet been fathomed. Yet the problem was not chiefly that the Nazis were monsters. It was that their theory of value makes monsters of all who live it to its logical conclusion, be they angry German sots or merely clever American relativists. Christians have a special responsibility to guard against the demonic sort of communitarianism, not only because the Church was so slow to condemn it the last time it reared its head, but also because on that occasion it drew strength from a specifically Christian heresy: the heresy of Jewish blood-guilt. SLHS Value File Corruption Bad Individual powerholders will corrupt and damage the common good Peter A. Zuckerman; President, Human Progress Network, HUMAN PROGRESS NETWORK HOMEPAGE, 2003,, downloaded July 23, 2003, Jared Diamond's summation of the evolution of human societies discloses the weaknesses of the traditional or conventional state. Powerholders have special access to information, can make decisions and redistribute surplus goods. This centralized leadership and decision making enables them to reward themselves and their supporters at the expense of the general welfare of their societies. Throughout history this was the common characteristics of authoritarian governments. But even the more democratic and civil societies can be tainted by this negative potential. The recent examples of "crony capitalism" -- more accurately described as "klepto-capitalism" -- in Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian countries demonstrate the...
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