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N14 this expansion of democratic government to nearby

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Unformatted text preview: shifting balance between competing ideals. SUPPORT FOR DEMOCRACY PROMOTION IS GOOD The American Journal International Law April, 1990 84 A.J.I.L. 494 Thompson G. Marsh Professor of Law; Director, International Legal Studies Program, University of Denver College of Law. One is that no two democracies have ever had a war between themselves. n12 The victory in the Cold War may also be seen as the direct result of the strength and recognition democratic governments held around the world at the time. n13 Furthermore, promoting democracy in the Western Hemisphere forecloses outside powers from gaining influence over a strategically positioned neighboring state. n14 This expansion of democratic government to nearby states also helps "create better relations with our neighbors to the south and provides an improved framework for hemispheric understanding," including hemispheric prosperity. DEMOCRACY IS A HUMAN RIGHT RJ Rummel, US Institute Of Peace, CITY TIMES INTERVIEWS WITH LAISSEZ FAIRE THINKERS DEMOCIDE: Rudy Rummel Interviewed by Alberto Mingardi, August-September, 1998. The evidence on this question is persuasive: the best way of eliminating war between nations, of minimizing domestic political violence, and of virtually making genocide and mass murder a horror of the past, is by fostering political freedom. Politically free nations do not make war on each other, have minimum domestic political violence, and virtually no genocide and mass murder. I call this the miracle that is freedom. It is as though we have a cure for cancer. Unfortunately, although that liberal democracies don't make war on each other is now accepted as an axiom in international relations by those who do research on it, and some top politicians are aware of this, few in the public and media know that we have a solution to war and violence. THE UNITED STATES HAS A MORAL OBLIGATION TO PROMOTE DEMOCRATIC IDEALS Jonah Goldberg, NATIONAL REVIEW, January 2, 2002 September 11, and its aftermath, shattered any...
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